We have been engaged in the production of the Fitokondi Plant Conditioner product on our modern extraction, mixing and bottling line at our site in Biharkeresztes since 2006.
Volánpack Ltd has been producing a self-developed general plant-conditioning agent called FITOKONDI which is effective for all kinds of plants and is fermented and extracted from medicinal herbs mainly known as weeds.

A FITOKONDI can be applied at any stage of development (phenological stage) of the given crop in the permitted amount (4-6 l/ha) without restriction on food or labour safety by both ground and air application.
FITOKONDI increases the resistance of the plant and helps it tolerate the effects of weather stresses caused by the climate change. The strenghtening of the plants with Fitokondi results in better health which causes positive changes not only in the taste and flavor, but also in the shelf life of the plants and plant parts produced for consumption.

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