We offer the following extra services to our existing and new partners:
- Fast, „express” packaging. Execution within 1 business day for smaller orders
- Upon request free on-site consultation by our technicians
- On-site work as soon as possible after your order
- Payment terms upon agreement with maximum flexibility.

We will contact you within 48 hours after receiving your request for quotation.

In order to make your offer as soon as possible, we will need the following information:

If necessary we reconcile the data we received or we do an on-site consultation. Then we will make a unique quote for you.

After placing your order we will perform the packaging service with the shortest possible deadline (even within 1 business day) either at your designated location or at our own site.

Upon request we undertake to obtain the necessary documents such as Heat Treatment Certificate.

Packaging for road transport

Packaging for our customers is carefully designed, whether it is road, air, rail or even sea transport.
In case of road transport while optimizing costs we pay great attention to get the goods to their destination as safely as possible.
In addition to physical protection, the completed packaging allows the unit package to be moved and fastened securely on the means of transport.

Packaging for railway transport

In case of railway transport the most important thing is that the goods arrive safely at the addressee. As for the packaging priority must be given to the protection against external stresses and to the safe movement and proper fastening.

Packaging for sea transport

Sea transport requires a special kind of packaging.
The goods are placed into an airtight, so-called vapor barrier foil bag with the optimal amount dessicant agent and then the bag is sealed hermetically. This technology enables the corrosion-free transport of various products.
In case of sea transport properly designed packaging is essential to provide external protection and to allow the goods to be moved and fastened.
Upon request we use VCI and Intercept materials for temporary corrosion protection.

Air freight transport

Regardless of size and type of goods, preparation and packaging for air transport require special attention and expertise.
When packaging for air freight, we pay great attention to minimize the weight of the packaging material in addition to the safety of the goods, thereby helping to optimize the cost of shipping.

Transport in container

Our company undertakes the fastening of dangerous goods and regular items as well in standard and refrigerated containers. All our packaging and fastening materials comply with the ISPM15 regulations.
When dangerous goods are transported in a container our company ensures that both the goods and the container are labeled and the necessary documents are issued.

JIT Service

In addition to our packaging services and manufacturing and trading with packaging materials we also offer the opportunity for our customers to provide for the purchase and storage of materials as well as to deliver products they need „Just In Time” (the right products in the right quantity at the right time). Our company has been successfully serving its partners with this method for many years.