Volanpack Ltd. is one of the largest transport packaging companies in Hungary. Our first and largest site has been operating in the 10th district of Budapest since the beginnig. Here you can find our paper- and wood-based manufacturing plant and our express packaging facilities. At our site in Budapest we currently employ 90 people.


H-1108 Hungary, Budapest, Kozma street 4. / Phone: +36-1-431-6200 /


We pack for transport….

Simple as it sounds, it is just a wonderful and at the same time difficult task. However, our experience of over 50 years guarantees that we can execute even the most complex orders reliably and efficiently.

The predecessor of our company, Volanpack Ltd. was founded in 1968 as one of the companies of Volan Tröszt, specifically for packaging goods for transport. Later on it was turned into a joint stock company and privatized in 1995. Currently we operate as a company limited by shares owned 100% privately. Over the years we have grown to become one of Hungary’s leading packaging companies. At present, we have 3 sites and 120 employees.
What has not changed over the years, however, is our flexibility to adapt to the needs of the market and to meet the most up-to-date and strictest professional and quality standards.
With our innovative, self-developed packaging equipment we regularly participate in Hungarian and in European packaging exhibitions. We always construct packaging of optimal size and quality.Upon request we design and manufacture packaging products besed on parameters specified by our customers.

Well, that is what we are, that is the essence of Volanpack Ltd. We are a community of packaging specialists that works together with our costumers in order to find the best solutions for packaging.


FachPack trade fair 2019
24. 09. 2019. / Nürnberg

Once again this year we visited the European Trade Fair for Packaging Technology and Manufacturing in Nuremberg. More than 1600 exhibitors were waiting for us in 12 exhibition halls. The event introduced new trends, perspectives and opportunities to the professional public in the packaging technology sector. There you can find leading products in labeling technology, packaging logistics, packaging materials, PrintPack, the leading products of printing and developing packaging among others.


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07. 02. 2019. / Budapest

In 2019 the National Association for Packaging and Material Handling (CSAOSZ) announced the HUNGAROPACK Hungarian Packaging Competition for the 36th time. Our company also entered the competition with the packaging of speakers for shipping (transport). We are proud that our work won a special award at the prestigious competition.


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01. 02. 2019. / Budapest

We are very excited! In couple of days we are entering the HUNGAROPACK Hungarian Packaging Competition with a peculiar packaging of speakers for shipping. We hope that our professional work will deserve a prize at the competition.


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Useful / Downloads

Here you can find useful information on industrial and transport packaging, dangerous goods, boxes, pallets, plant conditioning, works of art and many other things. Also you can download our current publications and leaflets.


Our certifications indicate that our comprehensive packaging technologies are recognized both domestically and internationally. We operate the most modern quality magangement system (MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015). Our certificates are available for download.

Liability Insurance

Our company has high-value liability insurances worldwide (including USA, Canada, Australia) to reassure both our customers and our company.