The constantly developing and increasingly demanding transportation industry made it necessary to use standard packaging to speed up logistics and to expand the related services. Our company’s services and products perfectly match the international standards. We offer crates, cases with traditional, standard and unique base structure made of wood and wood paneling. We also manufacture crates of various sizes and constructions made of raw or heat-treated fir, OSB, plywood or wood upon demand. Our engineers will construct the most suitable packaging for the customers.

Our self-produced crates have a number of advantages: they are economical to order in larger quantities, they can be one-way or re-usable, foldable, therefore easy to transport and store since they require little space. Quick and easy to assemble, they require a minimal amount of tools. They have a big load capacity and on request can be made of wood that meets the ISMP 15 heat treatment specification which can be proved (stamp, heat treatment certificate).

Láda Rekesz

Additional features:

  • Elements and tools made with CNC, milling (high accuracy, precision characterizes this product group)
  • Manufacturing of complicated and complex products, constructing of combined (wood, paper, plastic) packaging systems
  • Equipment made of wood, plywood, suitable for transporting livestock
  • Crates for transport or storage combined with foam made of MDF/HDF
  • Crates, cases for transporting works of art:
    • Better quality, more aesthetic appearance
    • Hidden screws
    • Lining materials, covers
  • Custom and extra sizes
  • Skids, crates and cases for goods over 3-5t and extra heavy duty packaging (for example industrial machinery)
  • Internal construction of containers, shelving upon request

Láda Kombinált csomagolás

Production of pallets, skids

csúszóIt would be difficult to list the variety of pallets we offer.
Our partners can choose from wooden pallets made of untreated (raw) or heat treated fir or poplar, which can be ordered in standard or custom size. We offer customized, heavy-duty load bearing boards with plank or beam skids. Upon request we can also manufacture pallets completely made of wooden boards. In this case the ISPM 15 heat treatment certificate is not required due to the production process of the raw material. In addition, we also undertake the production of small series of customized pallets. We also supply standard plastic pallets from our stock.

Pallet Collars

raklapmagasítóPine pallet boosters called pallet collars made of raw or heat-treated pine boards comply with the international standard IMPS15. Available height dimensions: 200 mm; 300 mm; 400 mm. In addition to the standard 1200x800x200 mm collars, we also manufacture custom sized collars, even in small series, with wooden lids and screen printing on request.