Any item or substance the manufacturer considers hazardous during transport should be regarded as dangerous. Our company handles dangerous goods according to the regulations of the competent authority of the actual transport mode, air (IATA), road (ADR), railway (RID), sea (IMDG).

We always assign the right and compatible supplier packaging – based on decades of experience and expertise – to the manufacturer’s packaging, which is strong enough to withstand a variety of stresses under normal conditions during transport. Packaging constructed by us complies with all applicable regulations and completely fulfils all requirements. Dangerous Goods Declarations are issued only for the packaging we produce according to the provided instructions or for controlled packaging.

Transport of
Dangerous goods

Process of the order of service
Data required for ordering packaging for Dangerous Goods:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Method of transport
  • Net and gross amount of dangerous goods
  • Filling out our order form

Packaging of Batteries

The biggest risk during the transport of batteries is short circuit and fire. However, this can be excluded with proper packaging. Our company safely performs complete preparation of the batteries according to the shipping method, placing the proper marks and labels and issuing the supplier’s declaration corresponding to the shipping method.

Packaging with dry ice

For refrigerated goods we use custom-made seven- or five-layered Try-Sys boxes lined with styrofoam/polifoam, provided with the necessary marks and labels according to the regulations of the shipping method. We can also provide our service at the customer’s site.


  • UN certified corrugated boxes in many different sizes (self-produced, foreign)
  • Certifying cardboard boxes, even individual sizes
  • Labels and marks for dangerous goods (small, big)
  • Corrugated boxes with steel drums