Lumber, timber trade

For house building, renovation and DIY it is worth buying from our company sawn timber, pine timber, and auxiliary materials for roof construction, which we provide ready to use with our various seriveces according to the needs of our customers.

Pine timber raw materials

  • of carpenter work and building industry quality
  • I-II. class, in heat treated or untreated form


  • Timber planing
  • Cutting to size
  • Panel sawing

Bamboo WPC composit patio decking (facing/revetment)

The Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) outdoor revetment is the blend of 60 percent bamboo fiber, 30 percent high-density polyethilene (HDPE) and 10 percent chemical additives, which are pressed at high temperature and pressure. Due to its high bamboo content, it combines the natural effects of wood with all the benefits of modern plastics.
Unlike lumber patio decking it does not require any extra surface treatment besides cleaning. (Especially in case of tropical speices accustomed to high humidity). For aesthetic reasons, however, the use of WPC patio oil should be considered, because it is expected to fade by 10 to 20 percent within 1 or 2 years as a result of UV radiation.

  • No danger of splinters, no fungus, no rotting and resistant to parasites
  • Weatherproof, easy to work with
  • Highly durable: heatproof, abrasion resistant. shockproof, slip resistant
  • Long life span (20-25 years), it does not need any painting, because it is coloured in full cross-section
  • Easy to install with stainless steel keels
  • Ideal for waterfront terraces, patios, garden walkways, pools and balconies.
  • With its double-sided design it offers a choice between the 2 different profiles

Indoor floors




  1. The surface of the parquet is polished, structured, trimmed, oiled or varnished. It is not necessary to treat the surface after installation.
  2. The top layer, called the wear layer is made of 2.5-4mm thick hardwood. This is the layer that provides the aesthetic beauty of the parquet: colouring and patterns.
  3. The adhesive is a solvent-free, eco-friendly polyurethane gluing material. Solvent resistant, heat resistant, waterproof and flexible.
  4. The base/bottom layer can be made of pine, but lately 9mm thick birch plywood is used. These floors are called multiplex parquets.

Since their release parquet floors have been very popular with the customers They are not only easy to install but their surface can also be repolished 3-4 times so they can be used for decades. Their beautiful patterns are due to the grains of special wood species. The parquets we sell are made of wood species from all over the world. The reason why they should be chosen may also be our health, as dust mites causing allergies cannot colonize in them.

Maintenance: they can be vacuum cleaned and there are special cleaning, grooming and surface-repairing products recommended for parquets.

Underfloor heating: wood is a good insulator, therefore only parquets thinner than 14mm should be recommended for underfloor heating and wood species less prone to shrinking should be chosen. Manufacturers recommend a specific product for underfloor heating.

Benefits of parquets

  • Wide and attractive variety
  • 100 percent natural wood flooring
  • Maximum comfort to walk on it, quiet walking – low foot noise
  • Antistatic and non-allergic, it is simple and easy to keep them clean
  • Easy to install due to the click-system
  • Floating installation, they do not need gluing to the substrate, therefore it is easy to change the damaged panels
  • They can be used immediately after laying
  • They are recommended for underfloor heating
  • Minor surface damages of the floor can be easily repaired if treated with oil

Laminate floorsbv

90 percent of the laminate flooring is made of wood with the help of a layering process. The top layer or wear layer is a synthetic resin coating over the decoration layer, under which the fiberboard core and finally the back layer at the bottom can be found. Its thickness is between 6-12mm, which makes it ideal for underfloor heating. The panels are fitted with high precision so that no gaps can arise between them. Their surface is extremly durable, not even cigarette butts or household solvents can damage it, the wear layer is pressure resistant.
Laminate floorpanels are usually available in a Drop Lock Click system to be installed without gluing Before buying it is advisable to consider the thickness and wear resistance of the laminate floor. Regular vacuuming is required for durability. Laminate floors must not be sanded as this may damage the abrasion resistant protective layer.

When calculating the quantity you should take into account that more than 10 percent more laminate flooring will be needed due to wastage. Also remember that you can only buy whole packages.
There are three ways to join laminate floor pieces together:

  • Gluing
  • Snap Lock click system
  • Drop Lock click system

Laminate floor features

  • High abrasion resistance, scratch resistance
  • Suitable for underfloor heating as well
  • Huge selection of colour and patterns
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Low installation height
  • Long warranty by the manufacturer – up to 10-25 years
  • Extremely accurate fit
  • It does not require surface treatment, maintenance

Trade of basic and auxiliary packaging materials and packaging aids

Barrier bags

  • barrier bags of standard fiberglass-strenghtenedor antistatic quality
    barrier bags

Transport monitoring systems

  • Shock indicators
  • Tilt indicators
  • Humidity indicators
    Shock indicators Tilt indicators

Packaging aids

  • XPS and EPE foam sheets
  • PE foil tubes
  • Folded PE foils
  • Corrugated packaging materials
  • PP straps for manual use
  • Metal strap buckles
  • Shrinkwrap

Plastic packaging tools

  • Plastic crates
  • Plastic pallets,
  • Plastic half pallets,
  • Plastic packaging accessoires
    Plastic pallets Plastic pallets


  • Wooden pallets made of untreated or heat treated fir or poplar, standard or custom-size
  • Customized, heavy-dutyload bearing skids with plank or beam.
  • Pallets fully made of wooden boards upon request
  • Plywood, OSB pallets: ISPM 15 heat-treatment certificate is not required due to the production process
  • Customized, in small series
  • Standard plastic pallets from our stock

Fillers, paddings

  • Various high quality filling and padding materials
    filling materials padding materials